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Product Overview

One wader to rule them all! Abyss’ Wader is made of tough stuff, perfect for the game and tackle enthusiasts.

Its 6.5mm (7mm) neoprene is warm enough to keep you comfortable in the kind of cold you only experience in Canadian water ways.

Heavy Duty boots and reinforced knees finish off the package for the last wader you’ll ever need to buy.

Rifle Bags

Also available are bags to store and carry hunting rifles.

Lobster Pound Wader

The Lobster Pound wader was designed for a very specific purpose. The stress and wear that is put on the waders used in the pounds is great. We have designed a wader made from 7mm high density neoprene to offer warmth in the extreme cold of the Nova Scotia winter. The suit has large extended Kevlar knee and chest pads. The webbing and buckles are 2" for strength and comfort and our heavy duty boots are installed.


Wader Features

  • 7mm High Density Neoprene
  • All interior seams seamed with our unique polymer to offer leak free seams for the life of the suit.

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