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Diving Suits

Uncompromising Quality And Construction

Gim and staff at Abyss Diving Suits Ltd. are committed to making the best suits possible, using purpose-specific materials for a variety of circumstances and conditions. A leader in using innovative technologies and fabrics, Abyss is proud to have introduced Kevlar to the industry as a durable suit coating and tough kneepad material. Various thicknesses of neoprene are available for divers in waters from Florida to the North Atlantic.

Choose from 2mm crushed neoprene for increased flexibility and movement, 4mm compressed for technical diving, to the insulating qualities of 6.5mm (7mm) for extreme conditons such a the Arctic, and all with the availability of personalized custom fittings.

The driest suits on the market, Abyss Diving Suits’ seam sealing method is recognized by leading diving organizations and professional dive training facilities as the best. Seams are coated with advanced adhesives, double lock stitched and then permanently sealed with our unique polymer sealing system. This makes for the most impervious, durable, and flexible seams available on the market today.

Kevlar Series

Five times stronger than the same weight in steel, Kevlar fibres are woven into an outer membrane that is laminated to neoprene drysuit material to create a flame-resistant, abrasion-resistant, durable diving suit. Ideal for tough environments where scrapes and cuts would ruin most suits on the market today, the Kevlar coated Abyss drysuit has proven itself an excellent choice for technical divers, underwater construction workers, and welders.

The Kevlar suits are offered in 7mm Pro Kevlar, 4mm Tech Kevlar and 2.5mm Atlantis Kevlar. The Atlantis Kevlar will soon be available in front entry.