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The 3 Finger Pro Mitt

6.5mm neoprene mitt with titanium inner reflective coating for additional warmth. 2” skin-in cuff.

The 3 Finger Kevlar

6.5mm Kevlar coated neoprene mitt which offers extreme durability with titanium inner reflective coating for additional warmth. 2” skin-in cuff.

The 5 Finger Kevlar

5mm 5 finger gloves for dexterity have Kevlar coated palm for durability and a gauntlet with Velcro straps to customize fit.

Gauntlet Mitts

6.5mm gauntlet mitts offer a longer arm for less water ingress. Offered in Pro or Kevlar.


Dry Hood

6.5mm neoprene with 5mm glideskin face seal for warmth in the coldest temperatures.


Sitech Dry Gloves

Sitech dry gloves are gaining popularity as the choice among serious divers. They utilize a three part glove + clamp + ring system to ensure your hands stay dry and warm. We also offer standalone replacement gloves for your Sitech system.

Quick Clamp

Quick clamps are used to intsall dry gloves non-permanently on top of existing latex seals. This makes for easy installation and removal without requiring your drysuit to be altered.

Cuff Rings

The glove clamps are included with a regular set. They are an o-ring sealed docking portion that mates to your gloves so you can adjust the length using an interior ring.

Comfort Rings

Comfort rings are installed permenantly to a suit. They contain an interior locking piece so users can change their own latex seals while providing the necessary platform to mate with your dry gloves giving users the most flexibility available.

Learn more about Sitech Dry Gloves on their Official Website.


Hats, Toques & Duffel Bags

Comfortable Abyss ball caps and toques.

36” x 12” x 12” heavy duty cordura bag with wide webbing straps that are sewn all the way around the bag for durability.